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After 6 years and around 800 engine hours - the time has come to upgrade our amazing Haines Signature 543sf - with a New One ;-)

Exciting times- that's our new hull right there ;-) Note the RuPly transom which is an F8 ACQ treated marine ply. The reason The Haines Group use this material is that each of the veneers of the ply is impregnated with treatment before being joined as one panel. This means that when the panels are cut and drilled into they don’t lose their integrity and don’t require resealing. This is important when the material is going to have bungholes, engine bolt holes and transducers mounted in it.  The Haines Group regularly inspect the ply as it arrives and if not up to their standards it’s replaced. The Haines Group / Signature motto is " Quality first - Build it as if YOU are going to own it"  ;-)

Another exciting update on our new Haines Signature Boats 543sf CC Build - we LOVE the new colours and can't wait to see the deck & centre console next ;-) #builditasifyouaregoingtoownit #nothingrideslikeasignature

Our deck came out of the mould this week - its actually they 1st Grey Deck poured for a 543SF ;-) 

And that's our Console base and top ;-)

Spent a morning with the team at The Haines Group this week to finalise the electronics layout for our Console on our Signature 543sf - it is going to look like the flight deck on the "Enterprise" ;-)

Check out our custom switch panel made by Spiro and Andrew @ Blue Bottle Marine

And that is how your switch panel and fuse blocks "should be " wired ;-)

#watchthisspace #bringiton

Regards Scotto

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