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New Products:

This year Australian Fishing Tackle Association ( AFTA ) trade show came early at the end of June and was again held on the Gold Coast at the exhibition centre . It was a great few days getting to see and handle all the new gear that we will see hit the stores over the next few months.

I spent the majority of my time with the companies that I support and can't wait for the NEW Squidgy Prawns to hit the shelves with built-in UV. These fantastic new soft plastics looks awesome and come in two models with both a paddle tail & wriggler tail version.

Ian "Barra" Miller has been busy with a number of new rod releases including the new flag ship "Anarchy" range !

The NEW 3 Zero range will offer outstanding value with high quality fixtures at affordable prices ...

Micro Jigging is going to be BIG this year with the great NEW Shimano range of Coltsniper Micro-Jigs which come in both a "centre balanced casting" range and "fall" ranges from 21- 55 grams with a great colour range as well 

Check out the NEW "Flat Fall Butterfly" jigs for deeper water and larger fish available in 80-160 grams and 6 fantastic colours 

"Bottom Ship" lures are an exciting new "metal and skirt combo"  designed to be slow jigged to the bottom similar to the popular Lucanus jigs only larger. Available in three sizes ( 90, 110, 135 grams ) and four colours ....

Shimano Released a number of exciting new reel models at this years show ....

How Cool are these - The NEW
 Curado I Baitcast Reels

How could the Shimano Curado baitcaster possibly get any better? Well, every couple of seasons it seems it just does! The latest Curado release, the I series, sees this evergreen reel tricked up even further, taking design and performance characteristics to a whole new level. X-Ship is a big inclusion. Supporting the pinion gear at both ends with two of the five SA-RB bearings the reel comes with, a bigger drive gear and increased gearing efficiency results in ultra light rotation of the swept aluminium handle — even when hooked up. Another new feature is the Stable Spool Design or S3D, whereby balanced and uniformly thin wall construction throughout significantly reduces spool vibration. This delivers an incredibly smooth feeling when casting or retrieving. Like its predecessors, this is a sweet casting reel. An Escape Hatch sideplate grants easy access to the SVS Infinity Braking System for making adjustments when lure sizes and fishing conditions change. The Cross Carbon drag, easily adjustable via the aluminium star drag wheel, remains smooth under a range of settings, and can be pushed as high as 5.5 kilos, which is a lot of stopping power for a small baitcaster. Additionally, there is a choice of high or performance gearing in right or left-hand wind to keep the southpaws happy.

The Shimano Stella FI 2500 won the AFTA 2014 BEST REEL AWARD !

The Stella FI has all the latest new technology.

➞ The Micromodule gear technology which delivers a new level of smoothness and reduced vibration.

➞ S-Direct Gear meaning more precise gear component alignments.

➞ Core Protect which allows the Stella FI to be fished in any environment without being affected by sand, dirt or water.

➞ G Free Body which gives you less winding fatigue.

Each Stella FI has 13 SA-RB bearings and an all new design anti reverse bearing which generates less friction and lighter handle rotation. Theres so much more to talk about this reel, but for you to really understand its greatness, go into your local Shimano stockist and just give the reel a wind.

The AWESOME NEW SPHEROS SW Range - 5000 to 20,000 models - 
With its known durable design to handle the salt, the new Spheros SW spinning reels offer even more angler confidence with new Shimano ‘SW Concept’ features. In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use.

One of more interesting releases was the Precision System from UK company Lynx. This innovative tool provides 100 per cent strong connections with a selection of innovative rigs to suite ....

Doug Phillips - Tonics founder showing off the features of the new NEON lens for sight fishing in shadows, fog and cloud, and for dawn and dusk fishing of all types.

It shares its high-tech optics with all of Tonic’s growing range of lightweight polarised optical glass lenses, and has a unique light copper colour made of four colour filter layers.

Doug Phillips said people were amazed by Neon’s ability to seemingly act as a light source.

“People say Neon lenses actually light up what they look at, and yet the coatings also set a new standard for reducing glare and increasing colour separation,” he said.

“Serious anglers love Neon for its ability to give them a clear view of the fish when the ambient light is limited but there’s still glare to be cut through.

“It’s all down to the latest in 21st century Japanese optics, which is what gives Tonic its unbeatable optical performance and all-day comfort.

“Our unique de-centred VistaView lens gives distortion-free viewing at any angle, and our scratch resistant UltraOptic lenses are just 1.8 mm thick, which makes them 30% lighter.

“Combined with our MultiCut full-spectrum anti-reflective coating and lightweight frames, this delivers fatigue-free vision in even the fiercest glare – people can hardly believe their eyes.”

The best Sun Screen I have used to date " Dri-Screen" is now available in a large pump bottle which will be great for keeping on your boat  

I have always been a BIG fan of Petzl headlamps and had to order a couple of the new TIKKA + models 

While Shimano will have some new "Shades" this season there was now shortage of Buff Designs on show as well ...

So much tackle - So Little Time ....... 

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New Products List:

18/01/2021 New Lowrance Active Target LIVE Sonar - Game On !
13/01/2021 Shimano Celebrates 100th Centennial
30/09/2020 NEW 2020 Shimano Digital Catalogue
22/06/2020 Power your adventures with Yolotek
06/06/2020 STORMR -
17/04/2020 T-H Marine and HydroWave
11/08/2019 Public Day for this Year Australian Fishing Tackle Trade Show - AFTA 2019
04/08/2019 NEW Shimano SLX DC
23/05/2019 NEW Shimano Stradic FL
25/04/2019 Shimano Stella SW 19
09/11/2018 Lowrance HDS Live High Performance Fish Finders
21/04/2018 New Squidies Bio Tough Range
21/04/2018 NEW SHIMANO STELLA FJ - Available NOW !
21/04/2018 Massive Sonar Upgrade to Lowrance Display available NOW !
06/08/2017 YETI - finally available in Australia !
25/03/2017 NEW Lowrance HDS Carbon Has Arrived !
05/02/2017 Get your vehicle out of bogs with Bog Out !
27/12/2016 New Lowrance Carbon Units
13/08/2016 NEW Minn Kota Rip-Tide Terrova !
13/08/2016 Squid Nation Flippy Floppy
13/08/2016 Australian Fishing Tackle Trade Show - AFTA July 2016
10/10/2015 Lowrance 3D Structure scan !
10/10/2015 TBS Boat Shoes
22/08/2015 Tonic Gen 2 "Slice" Thinnest polarised glass lenses on the planet !
22/08/2015 Cranka Crabs Wins John Dunphy Innovation Award at AFTA 2015
22/08/2015 AFTA 2015 - Shimano Cleans Up "Best in Show" Awards !
12/07/2015 Tonic Eyewear Gen2 lens !
22/03/2015 Squidgy S-Factor Now Available individually !
22/03/2015 Squidgy Pro Prawns !
14/03/2015 Squidgy "Major Mitchell" PINK & S-Factor Individual tubes
14/03/2015 Lowrance Gen3 units
13/07/2014 Australian Fishing Tackle Association ( AFTA ) Trade Show 2014
10/03/2014 Shimano Fishing Australia Releases NEW Web site !
29/01/2014 Burke Wet Weather Jackets & PDF's
05/01/2014 Power-Pole Drift Paddle
10/12/2013 Lowrance Sonar Hub = Chirp
09/12/2013 New Shimano Social Pic App Released
08/12/2013 New Squidgy Whip Baits !!!
13/10/2013 Wave Away Sonar and GPS cleaner
06/09/2013 New Shimano Range from AFTA 2013
25/08/2013 SPF 50 Dri Screen !
06/05/2013 Squidgy Secret Weight Jig Heads
14/03/2013 Lowrance InSight Genesis Mapping !
27/02/2013 Power Pro Bite Motion !
27/02/2013 Shimano Calcutta D Series baitcasters
21/02/2013 Squidgy Weapon Jig Heads
03/02/2013 Yeti Coolers - NOW Available in Australia !
21/01/2013 Shimano Stella SW - 2013
16/01/2013 Shimano OCEA Switch Bait Rods
21/10/2012 FlyFisher 13 - Out Now !
08/10/2012 LOWRANCE Gen 2 Touch - Released !
27/09/2012 WIN a 10 year supply of Squidgies !
29/08/2012 Shimano Stella 4000 SW
29/08/2012 Shimano AERO 4000SPFA!
28/07/2012 Power-Pole Blade Series
08/05/2012 Tonic Eye Wear - Professional Polarised Glasses
18/04/2012 FlyFisher #12 - Out Now !
27/03/2012 Lowrance releases StructureScan® HD – More Range, Greater Resolution
11/12/2011 New Lowrance HDS® Gen2 Units
08/12/2011 Lowrance launches Elite 4 & Mark 4 sounder/GPS
08/12/2011 FlyFisher #10 - Out Now !
08/12/2011 December edition of Fishing World is now on sale !
08/12/2011 Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Line
06/12/2011 Shimano Ocea Pencil Stick Baits
06/12/2011 Shimano WaxWing lures
06/12/2011 Shimano Tropical Tackle System
04/09/2011 2011 AFTA Tackle Show
16/12/2010 G.Loomis NRX Fly Rod Review - 1st Impressions ......
20/10/2010 Shimano Curado G series
19/10/2010 Shimano Stradic Ci 4 - Carbon Infused !
19/10/2010 Shimano 2010 - Stella FE - A Spinning Revolution !
18/10/2010 G.Loomis NRX Rods - The best rods ever built !!!!!!!
18/10/2010 Starlo & Bushys Squidgies - NEW Colours 2010
18/10/2010 Flyfisher Issue 9 - Early Season 2010
18/10/2010 Suzuki Launches NEW DF 60 - 4 Stroke
18/10/2010 Lowrance Sonic Hub & 3.5 Update
18/10/2010 Lowrance LSS-1 Structure Scan
13/03/2009 New Products
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