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New Products:


Ready for Battle.

New Lowrance® HDS Carbon units feature ultra-clear SolarMAX™ HD multi-touch displays with high-bright LED backlighting and advanced anti-reflective coatings to create wider viewing angles suitable for any lighting condition.


What's New With HDS Carbon

Ultra-bright HDS SolarMAX™ HD displays with greater resolution and a wider range of viewing angles

High-performance dual-core processor for smoother navigation and faster sonar updates

HDS Dual-Channel CHIRP Sonar – dual sonar-range coverage from the same transducer*

HDS Network Dual Sounder – cover more water and mark fish targets more clearly from a network of CHIRP sonar transducers

*requires dual-channel CHIRP sonar transducer

Lowrance HDS Carbon Navigation advantages:

  • Internal GPS antenna – with 10Hz position updaterate provides ultra-accurate trails, smoother chart performance and maximumposition accuracy. Supports WAAS/EGNOS/MSAScorrections.
  • Precision-9 compatible - the Precision-9 Compasssupplies accurate heading and rate-of-turn information toLowrance® autopilot, radar and navigation systems over an NMEA 2000®connection. With an internal array of solid-state sensors constantly measuringmotion and orientation on nine axes, the Precision-9 also provides pitch androll data to compatible equipment.
  • Extensive mapping options –HDS Carbon includes built-in C-MAP Basemap charts for Coastal and Inland USwaters, a world background reference map, and compatibility with the mostexpansive selection of cartography on the market. Mapping options includeInsight Genesis™, Insight PRO by C-MAP, Lake Insight HD by C-MAP, C-MAP MAX-N+,Navionics® and more. Visit for details.
  • InsightGenesis™ custom maps – Make your own maps using recordedsonar logs, upload data to an Insight Genesis® account, view secure customchart detail online, add optional custom color layer, vegetation and bottom-hardnessoverlays and download to a microSD card for use on the water. Plus, you canalso share custom maps with the global Insight Genesis Social Map community.
  • Multi-view and chart sharing – View two chartssimultaneously, in 2D or 3D perspective view, with independent control, rangeand overlay capabilities. Plus, get the maximum from your chart card purchases.Buy one map card and view it on all Ethernet networked HDS Gen3, HDS Gen2 Touchor Gen2 displays.
  • Dual microSD card slots

Lowrance HDS Carbon Sonar advantages:

  • Built-in CHIRP Sonar – Dominate withgreater sensitivity, improved target resolution and superior noise rejectionfor clearer, easy-to-see bait fish and game fish targets. Delivers multipleCHIRP and Broadband Sounder frequencies from a single transducer.
  • StructureScan 3D - Integrated support forStructureScan 3D Imaging, which allows anglers to see fish, structure andbottom contours in a stunning, three-dimensional view that gives them a betterunderstanding of where fish and structure are located in relation to theirboat. Requires optional StructureScan 3D module and transducer.
  • Dual-channel CHIRP sonar increase visiblefish targets with two CHIRP frequency channels at the same time low, medium orhigh. Keep favorite high CHIRP frequency visible for increased targetseparation close to the bottom or in tight schools and now view the lowfrequency channel at the same time to cover more of the water column with widerand deeper cone angles.   
  • Dual network sonar Views allow for covering more water and seeing markfish targets from a network of CHIRP sonar transducers.  Watch sonar views from bow-mounted transducerand the in-hull or transom-mounted transducer at the same time on the samedisplay. 
  • Simultaneously view CHIRP Sonar with StructureScan® 3D orStructureScan® HD to get the best possible view of fish and structure, belowand to the sides of your boat.
  • Built-in support for StructureScan® HD imaging –Enjoy picture-like, 180-degree views of structure and fish below your boat. Requiresoptional StructureScan® HD transducer.
  • Built-in, award-winning Broadband Sounder™ – Display and mark gamefish, baitfish and structure at higher speeds and atgreater depths - from one to more than 3,000*feet.
  • TotalScan™ transducer - Use the optional, all-in-one TotalScan™ Skimmer®transducer for Broadband and CHIRP sonar, plus StructureScan® HD with SideScanand DownScan Imaging™. This optional transducer simplifies installations byallowing anglers to get all their sonar with only one transducer install.
  • StructureMap™ capability – Use live or recordedStructureScan® 3D and StructureScan® HD logs to createstunning underwater imagesof lakes, rivers or seafloor.StructureMap can be viewed as an overlay, and toggled on and off to provide theultimate in situational awareness in relation to both chart and bottom detail.
  • DownScan Overlay™ technology overlays DownScanImaging™ onto CHIRP Sonar or Broadband  Sounder™ returns.
  • TrackBack™ to review and save key hotspots- Scroll-back thru sonar or StructureScan® HD imaging historyto review structure or fishtargets and pinpoint the location with a waypoint.
  • SpotlightScan™ Sonar ready – optional add-ondelivers a new level of angler-controlled surround-scanning view to providepicture-like images of key fishing areas.

These New Carbon Units are edxpecvted to arrive in Australia late February/Early March and you xcan pre-order them now thorugh your local Lowrance Dealer - more details @

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10/10/2015 TBS Boat Shoes
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22/08/2015 Cranka Crabs Wins John Dunphy Innovation Award at AFTA 2015
22/08/2015 AFTA 2015 - Shimano Cleans Up "Best in Show" Awards !
12/07/2015 Tonic Eyewear Gen2 lens !
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13/03/2009 New Products
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