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New Products:

The "Evolution" video above show cases what you can expect to see at your preferred Shimano stockist in the next few months - I know I can't wait to fish some of this stuff !

The Shimano Stand this year was truly a stand - designed to clearly showcase their new product ranges

It even featured a mini cinema at front and fish fighting machine !

Chris Cleaver proudly displays the new Stella 30000 which won Best Reel again - Making it 3 years in a row Stella has won best reel !

Starlo takes you through the X-Features of the new Stellas :-)

Ian Miller with this years AFTA Best rod - the Shimano NanoPX series - making it 2 years in a row taking out best rod in show !

Bushy showing off the new & highly anticipated Squidgy "Whip Baits" ..

The New Whip bait come is a fantastic range of colours and should be a killer on everything from flathead to Longtails !

Spanyid also released a new soft Vibe that looked and felt fantastic !

Another stand out reel was the NEW SHIMANO AERO CI4+ SPIN REEL

Decreased weight and increased strength; that’s what you get with the new Shimano Aero CI4+ spin reel. Making use of Carbon Interfused Technology in the rotor and its compact body, this is a reel that’s a pleasure to use for long periods, but can really stick it to a fish when needed.

Shimano’s legendary X-Ship system provides more efficient power transmission, a long-cast AR-C spool delivers improved casting performance, and Aerowrap II works with it to create a neater line lay on the retrieve, so greater casting distance without any wind-knots is the result.

Six shielded A-RB bearings and one roller bearing keep everything moving smoothly inside, as you’d expect in a reel of this stature. With nine kilos of drag power up your sleeve and a line capacity of 240 metres of 15 pound Power Pro braid, the AeroCI4+ is going to develop a strong following in a variety of fisheries, from fresh to salt.

There’s a choice of two models with different gear ratios — 4.8:1 for general-purpose work, and a faster 6.2:1 for situations where high speed is an advantage.

New Chronarch Ci4+ Baitcasters, engineered to perform, the newest version of the legendary Shimano Chronarch baitcasting reel takes performance to even higher levels. The SVS Infinity Braking System exerts gentle braking force in two directions: centrifugal outward force from adjustable inner pins, and internal friction force in the concave raceway housing the external pins. With the addition of X-Ship for incredibly precise gear engagement and a positively rigid retrieve, plus an advanced a CI4+ frame that's lighter than and stronger than aluminum, you've got a super-powered low-profile baitcaster unlike any other you've ever palmed.

Other benefits that come standard are High Efficiency Gearing (HEG); Super Free bearing supported pinion gear system; A7075 aluminum Magnumlite™ spool; Dartainium® 2 drag washer; 8 bearing system (7SARB bearings + 1 ARB roller bearing); Super Stopper® II anti-reverse with Assist Stopper; Septon PV power grips; titanium IP line guides; double-anodized spool and handle; Disengaging Levelwind System; and QuickFire II® clutch bar.

NEW - Shimano OCEA EX Fluorocarbon Leader material - feels great and comes on a smart dispenser !

The NEW Shimano Orca Pencil Baits are available in 6 fish catching colours and two sizes, 160mm and 190mm. While the finish on these lures has to be seen to believed? They almost shimmer like a real bait!

Tested around the world the Shimano Orca Pencil Baits have been designed for anglers that want to catch big game fish such as GT's, tuna, big kings and mahi mahi, etc.

The Shimano Orca Pencil Baits are of Japanese design and the quality is second to none. The Orca Pencil Baits produce a unique zig and zag action that occasionally 'ducks' under the surface, enticing the big fish into explosive “jaw dropping” strikes.

The highly efficient and design creates helps produce long powerful casts. While the internal weight position produces an extremely erratic pop & dive action! The Shimano Orca is wired right through and finished off with ultra sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks so you know when you hook that big one they won’t let go!

Available in two sizes 160mm- 58 grams and 190mm- 88grams and 6 great fish catching colours.

It was an honor to share the table with two genuine legends of the fishing tackle and media industries - Rex Hunt and John Dunphy who where both inducted into the AFTA Hall of Fame at the trade dinner !

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New Products List:

18/01/2021 New Lowrance Active Target LIVE Sonar - Game On !
13/01/2021 Shimano Celebrates 100th Centennial
30/09/2020 NEW 2020 Shimano Digital Catalogue
22/06/2020 Power your adventures with Yolotek
06/06/2020 STORMR -
17/04/2020 T-H Marine and HydroWave
11/08/2019 Public Day for this Year Australian Fishing Tackle Trade Show - AFTA 2019
04/08/2019 NEW Shimano SLX DC
23/05/2019 NEW Shimano Stradic FL
25/04/2019 Shimano Stella SW 19
09/11/2018 Lowrance HDS Live High Performance Fish Finders
21/04/2018 New Squidies Bio Tough Range
21/04/2018 NEW SHIMANO STELLA FJ - Available NOW !
21/04/2018 Massive Sonar Upgrade to Lowrance Display available NOW !
06/08/2017 YETI - finally available in Australia !
25/03/2017 NEW Lowrance HDS Carbon Has Arrived !
05/02/2017 Get your vehicle out of bogs with Bog Out !
27/12/2016 New Lowrance Carbon Units
13/08/2016 NEW Minn Kota Rip-Tide Terrova !
13/08/2016 Squid Nation Flippy Floppy
13/08/2016 Australian Fishing Tackle Trade Show - AFTA July 2016
10/10/2015 Lowrance 3D Structure scan !
10/10/2015 TBS Boat Shoes
22/08/2015 Tonic Gen 2 "Slice" Thinnest polarised glass lenses on the planet !
22/08/2015 Cranka Crabs Wins John Dunphy Innovation Award at AFTA 2015
22/08/2015 AFTA 2015 - Shimano Cleans Up "Best in Show" Awards !
12/07/2015 Tonic Eyewear Gen2 lens !
22/03/2015 Squidgy S-Factor Now Available individually !
22/03/2015 Squidgy Pro Prawns !
14/03/2015 Squidgy "Major Mitchell" PINK & S-Factor Individual tubes
14/03/2015 Lowrance Gen3 units
13/07/2014 Australian Fishing Tackle Association ( AFTA ) Trade Show 2014
10/03/2014 Shimano Fishing Australia Releases NEW Web site !
29/01/2014 Burke Wet Weather Jackets & PDF's
05/01/2014 Power-Pole Drift Paddle
10/12/2013 Lowrance Sonar Hub = Chirp
09/12/2013 New Shimano Social Pic App Released
08/12/2013 New Squidgy Whip Baits !!!
13/10/2013 Wave Away Sonar and GPS cleaner
06/09/2013 New Shimano Range from AFTA 2013
25/08/2013 SPF 50 Dri Screen !
06/05/2013 Squidgy Secret Weight Jig Heads
14/03/2013 Lowrance InSight Genesis Mapping !
27/02/2013 Power Pro Bite Motion !
27/02/2013 Shimano Calcutta D Series baitcasters
21/02/2013 Squidgy Weapon Jig Heads
03/02/2013 Yeti Coolers - NOW Available in Australia !
21/01/2013 Shimano Stella SW - 2013
16/01/2013 Shimano OCEA Switch Bait Rods
21/10/2012 FlyFisher 13 - Out Now !
08/10/2012 LOWRANCE Gen 2 Touch - Released !
27/09/2012 WIN a 10 year supply of Squidgies !
29/08/2012 Shimano Stella 4000 SW
29/08/2012 Shimano AERO 4000SPFA!
28/07/2012 Power-Pole Blade Series
08/05/2012 Tonic Eye Wear - Professional Polarised Glasses
18/04/2012 FlyFisher #12 - Out Now !
27/03/2012 Lowrance releases StructureScan® HD – More Range, Greater Resolution
11/12/2011 New Lowrance HDS® Gen2 Units
08/12/2011 Lowrance launches Elite 4 & Mark 4 sounder/GPS
08/12/2011 FlyFisher #10 - Out Now !
08/12/2011 December edition of Fishing World is now on sale !
08/12/2011 Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braided Line
06/12/2011 Shimano Ocea Pencil Stick Baits
06/12/2011 Shimano WaxWing lures
06/12/2011 Shimano Tropical Tackle System
04/09/2011 2011 AFTA Tackle Show
16/12/2010 G.Loomis NRX Fly Rod Review - 1st Impressions ......
20/10/2010 Shimano Curado G series
19/10/2010 Shimano Stradic Ci 4 - Carbon Infused !
19/10/2010 Shimano 2010 - Stella FE - A Spinning Revolution !
18/10/2010 G.Loomis NRX Rods - The best rods ever built !!!!!!!
18/10/2010 Starlo & Bushys Squidgies - NEW Colours 2010
18/10/2010 Flyfisher Issue 9 - Early Season 2010
18/10/2010 Suzuki Launches NEW DF 60 - 4 Stroke
18/10/2010 Lowrance Sonic Hub & 3.5 Update
18/10/2010 Lowrance LSS-1 Structure Scan
13/03/2009 New Products
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